Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Burned fingers and the learning curve of enameling......

I'm both enjoying and cursing my latest obsession..... enameling is something I have wanted to try for such a long time (many, many years in fact).

I have a kiln which is great, and then there is torch fire enameling.  I have tried out both and so far I'm enjoying the torch more, but I now have 3 burns on 3 different fingers!  My impatience is a curse, but its so much fun and I need to experiment further.  I have found over firing is a bit of a problem, and also different enamels fire at different rates... oh, and they can discolor at the drop of a hat.  But in saying all that - I love it!!  I love how sometimes things go wrong with the most unexpected and beautiful results.

Most definitely a learning curve - but lots of fun and I hope to have the first new pieces to share this week. 

But for now I'm lost in the joys of Spring!  My garden is now alive with the color and scents of the season, with the Azalea in full bloom..... in fact I see a pair of 'Azalea' earrings in my very near future!

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

C x


  1. Waiting with bated breath to see your new creations!

  2. I just know that you are going to create some gorgeous pieces when you get the hang of working with enamels. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with (especially the Azalea earrings!

  3. *sits down next to Belinda and shares popcorn while waiting ;o)

  4. Oh, Claire! I am so interested to see what you do with the enamels. Such a timely post. I'm going to jewelry school in May to learn enameling in my kiln, and specifically cloisonne. I know you'll come up with some lovely things! I hope you blog about your favorite techniques.

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