Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wire Artisans Guild.... February Challenge

~o~ MON CHERI, MON AMOUR ~o~ My Darling My Love.

I am a member of a fabulous group of talented artisans called the Wire Artisans Guild (WAG for short) and each month a challenge is set to create a piece of jewelry based on a theme.  I am still playing catch-up a little on the themes at the moment (haven't been the most organized - oh, dear!), but I have managed to finish a piece for February's theme of 'Affairs of the Heart'.  Working on something of a romantic nature was great - I really enjoyed it.

This is a design I've had sketched out for a while now, and it all started on the day I received the gorgeous Solar Quartz focal briolette in the mail. On the same day I received another gemstone package - containing the most stunning raspberry pink sapphires - and there it was staring me in the face, with both gems sat side by side. I don't always get these Eureka moments, so I sat and sketched while it was still fresh in my mind. For me the design process often starts with the gems themselves - handling and looking at them, sitting them along with other gems. I don't often sketch out a design without having gems in mind first - it doesn't mean its a gem I already have - perhaps just a gem I've seen, and then the sketch gets filed away until I unearth it again a month or 2 later.

This necklace has been listed in my online shop.


  1. wow beautiful candy!

  2. This has to be the most astounding piece I've ever seen!!

  3. I like your design. I wonder if i can feature this creation in

  4. I would be honored!!! Thank you so, so much :)

  5. Thanks for allowing me to feature your creation. i will be featuring The Duchess from your etsy store. It is really beautiful.
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